Flatten / Merge A Large Component

Hi, i know i am using the wrong terminology here, so please bare with me :slight_smile:

I have just imported a Crane from the Component Warehouse, which has made by model size quite big and the model has slowed down considerably.

Is it possible to merge all of the geometry in the component to one merged object, so that it cannot be edited again, thus making the file smaller. Thanks in advance.

Hi Paul,

The 3D Warehouse contains many finely detailed works that perform well as standalone models.
Unfortunately all that minute detail makes them far too heavy to be used in a larger model.
There is no way to magically reduce the component’s weight on your model.
You need to ‘remodel’ the component, find a less complex version or simply model your own crane.

Creating (or downloading) overly complex geometry bloats the file and slows performance.
This topic may be of interest to you in terms of modeling technique and performance:


Great, thanks Geo… much appreciated.

Why don’t you give us a link to the crane model? Perhaps we can help you find a lighter, tighter alternative.