First model with 2016

A little practice with 2016 inferencing and textures, also I am getting comfortable with the new tray options. Have heard mixed feelings about them. I have yet to have them re-arrange themselves all over the screen so…


Nice model, nice curves.

Just finished a new small project for a customer for a small private garage last week using some existing site materials. During the process, SketchUP just felt easier to use & layout felt quicker. The pdf file size export set to medium for this model was only 1.35MB, far less than previous version. This saved a fair amount of time when e-mailing plans to clients etc. I noted the inferencing improvements, but these didn’t stand out at the time when I was creating this project from memory, but again did help. I’ll have to pay attention next time as get too involved in the project.


Thanks for the complement and nice work on on yours. I like the SE visual posture. I think it does feel “smoother” and the inferencing enhancements are a plus. BUT… I like doing furniture and being in inches instead of feet. It still is a _itch some times in corners where arcs and guide lines converge …wanting to do its own thing, when tring to place to a point correctly. I heard someone say it was like a wife: Always there when you really need it (her) but sometimes a real PITA…!!
Even with all parts as components, I found it easier to have two instances of 2016 open on my task bar. One for the model with layers and one to copy/paste a piece~component to. Yes you can work with a copy off to the side in the original. Opened for editing and deleted when happy with changes being reflected . Still having a totally clean area helps when you are not sure or doing something one off and dont need the distraction of it grabbing for other points or other references.
Happy Modeling and…Peace…

That’s a very nice model. Can’t wait to use it.

Nice Presentation on the Garage