Introduction to the members

My name is Joe and i’ve been using Sketchup for a couple of weeks.

I work in Telecomm managing a Wide Area Network,

I will be 60 this year and getting ready to retire.

I am using the product on I-MAC, already had to upgrade to 8GB memory

I am drawing a floorpan of my barn currently and hope to use it to build my dream garage.

I guess that’s all for now, and I hope I posted this in the correct place.


Welcome Joe.

SU is a fantastic product and I hope you enjoy using it. This forum is also a great place to get help.

I have been using SU for a number of years in a professional capacity. If I have one piece of advice to offer a newbie, it is this: start to use Groups and Components as soon as you can. Modelling in 3D makes navigation and selection a bit harder than in 2D (just as flying a plane is harder than driving a car). You soon get in a muddle if you just have a jumble of lines on a single layer, say.

Finally, you say that you are using SU for floor plans. You can certainly use SU as a 2D drafting package but it wasn’t designed to be used like that. If you don’t intend to use a third dimension, you could find other software easier to manage.

Thank you for all the great advice. Here is my first attempt.

As you cans by the middle wall I have some lines I cannot eliminate…

I love it! A building designed for an architect/farmer with a love of fast cars!

If you want to get rid of what looks like Autofold lines, you will probably find it easiest to erase the whole wall and start again. Assuming the door is a Group or Component (and it should be and, if not, easily could be), you can create the footprint of the wall at floor level by drawing a rectangle. Then extrude it up to match the height of the external walls. Then draw rectangles on one face for the openings and push them in as far as the opposite face. Then put the door component back in one of the holes created.

Thanks for the tip on those lines!

Yes, I am probably the only classic car buff with cattle in my shop.

That is an actual scaled drawing of my shop :smile:

I am adding the area in front of the steers for shop expansion. It is the reason I started using SketchUp :smile: