2016 Practice ~ in 2016


Hey All and Happy New Years to you… wishing everyone Peace though out this whole new year. I started this the day after Christmas and just finished it to day. I could tweak it a bit more, but more satisfied at how I was able to “just do it”. So thanks to all who posted meaningful questions and more over to those who supplied great advice and answers. It is cool when decisions and inspiration are not hindered by frustrations lack of experience. This time last year I sucked!! Cant wait to see what 2017 brings about…Practice, Practice…

Thanks DaveR https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model.html?id=uaf137b04-3507-4dad-8ccb-9d8c51dcde44

Original from FWW site


Very good and it’s good that you are practicing.

Are these the pieces that inspired you?

I drew the plans for these pieces a while back.


Hey Dave… that looks like it. I go to Tauntons site and just grab a screen shot and they list the dimensions for all the plans you can purchase. Why buy the cow!! From there it is eye balling and guesstimating while just “letting it flow”. I have the online subscription for FWW and use their PDF plans. But from the screen shot, it is more of a challenge. And instead of just copying over duplicates, though it is good for ALL the fundamentals. This is not guesting at it … more like creative design and imagination…!! I want to try the chair next… but have the back and seat as one. Maintaining their own curves while being one piece. It would require a curved lumbar piece that would need to be spliced in. I can see it so now the challenge is to figure it out. Just getting better each time out. Will keep sharing and thanks!!! …Peace…