First interact with shelf component moves too far

Using Sketchup Pro 2023:
I have a cabinet with shelves and doors. The doors work the way I want but, the shelves have a weirdness on first interaction. The shelf should move 40" but it moves almost 400". Subsequent clicks move forward and backward 40". In the Dynamic Component Attributes dialog I see X and it shows a grayed out -395.987". I can’t seem to change that to 0 or 40 or -40. I enter a new value and hit enter, the shelf moves ~400". If I do Ctrl-Z to put the shelf back it undoes the new value. How do I save the new value without altering the sketch?

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Share the .skp file so we can see how you’ve set it up.

pantry box.skp (5.6 MB)

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Unable to use my computers for 3 days, so have to go blind, make sure no values are same otherwise short cuts routine. Can use an attribute in lue of number or possibly a formula.

val or 100*1 instead of 100 for a secondary

Can you snap show attribute forms at level of interest?

With DC parent do a redraw to assure current position. Then do any postional atrribute changes on the children with the parent option and attribute forms pressent to assure correct axis reference

Every thing happens on the correct axis. I cannot update the DC attribute. It defaults to -396.186292". I need it to be 40 and 40*1 behaves in the same way. Also setting to 0 gets the same initial behavior. Once it has moved the incorrect ~400" repeated clicks move the shelf +/- 40" as specified in the animateslow formula (“X”,0,-40").

“snap show …” what is this?

Check the axis of the shelf object it should be on the shelf. Lower left as per normal

Take a series of screen shots, if of a child, sub-component , make sure the parent is present. Show formula and options

This is a series of screen shots starting with first animation click. Each successive screen is after the next click.

In the first screen shot I can’t change the value for X. If I change it and hit enter, the shelf move ~400" and the value I entered is thrown away…

Just had my gall bladder removed (1 hr ago) hence no computer
Keyhole surgery … amazingly!

Anyway, simple way is to add a parent, extra container to isolate it from world axis

Otherwise need to use value for X = current(“X”)*2.54 + range
Where range is govern by onclick animation

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The X pos of the lower nested shelf is not relatively constraint to the higher level, so it picks up the absolute pos in the model context (eg the position in the model) and cannot be altered.
It is always better to have a ‘working file’ in which you test the behavior of the dc, instead of opening the DC file itself.

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