Firewall blocks

looking at Sketchup for the Web Free initialy for 5 people.
We get the blue Spinning SketchUp logo on the web browser and it will not move on.
After a bit of firewall tinkering and policy testing, I found that SketchUp web seems to want to download some compressed files - shares:1

We block access to zip files on our servers across the site for security reasons. is there any way around this at all please.
I cant allow Zip files on the firewall, but would like to use SketchUp.

Many thanks


Is this in a primary school type of setting or is this a commercial application?

its in a adult education centre. 5 Students on 10 week course so users can change very frequently.

It might be worth contacting the Educational folks to see what they might have to offer in the way of the desktop version.

thanks I will try that now.

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Hi, an update:
We have purchased some licences and installed them on our computers,
Set up the firewall for the following:

  • Ports 5053 and 50530 must be open.
  • IPs,,, and cannot be blocked.

yesterday it worked fine and I could run the program and see the number of activations
today, all I am getting on all machines is :
SketchUp Pro is unable to connect to the network license server.

Please read this article on how to troubleshoot the issue.

trying to troubleshoot now !!

I wonder if this is yet another instance of Windows group policy weirdness. Possibly your changes to the firewall settings didn’t survive a restart and relogin…