Please stop blocking my VPN

I use a VPN. When I try to open Sketckup Web, I get:

An Error Occurred During Authentication

Error exchanging code for token, accessCode = 78fbb887ffdab3a0c87a6afe8188ba8e, message = Problem fetching access token invalid_grant, Provided Authorization Grant is invalid

If I kill my VPN, I can get into Sketchup.

Please stop blocking my VPN.

I would guess that rather than SketchUp blocking your VPN, your VPN is blocking SketchUp. I don’t know which ports SketchUp Web requires to be open. @colin ?

I do use VPN with SketchUp quite a bit. There are some things I cannot do, mostly to do with network licenses.

Can you check this article, to see if there are certain ports being blocked?:

Sorry, I’m confused. I’m using SketchUp Web so my computer connects to port 443 on SketchUp’s computer. Are you saying I also have to open ports on my computer for SketchUp to connect to?

You are doing VPN, and I’m not sure what other restrictions that adds.

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