VPN and Trimble Access

Something changed with Sketchup/Trimble Connect recently. Up until some 2-3 weeks ago, I was able to use Sketchup from my home network, which is protected with the PIA (Private Internet Access) VPN. No foreign country hopping, no attempts to violate geo rules: my server is in Atlanta and I live just outside Atlanta. Now when I try to get to Sketchup, I can’t log in to Trimble unless I connect directly to my ISP router, which has no VPN.

Could you please stop blacklisting VPN IP addresses? It’s frustrating to take measures to secure my network and get blocked by sites like yours that apparently think there is something wrong with VPNs.

Thanks for reading.

There are two conflicting objectives, Trimble wants to know who you are and the VPN is keeping you secret.
Maybe your VPN allows a splitup and let you trust id.trimble.com via port 443

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