Sorry, you have been blocked. You are unable to access

Good Morning

Our students are receiving a “Sorry, you have been blocked. You are unable to access” message when they attempt to access

It appear to be a Cloudflare safety mechanism likely because of the amount of simultaneous connections from a single IP (our Internet connection). Not sure if it is possible to be put on a safe IP or something like that.

Any help would be appreciated.


That is a new one for me @agreenlees. I’ll see what we can do to resolve this. Just curious, how many connections were you attempting to make at the time?

Hi Casey

Three Year 8 Design classes were running at the same time so it could have potentially been 60 odd students.


Sorry about the delay in my reply @agreenlees. That many students all trying to access it at the exact same time may cause issues. I have reached out to the rest of the team to see if we have any potential fixes for you, but I have not heard anything solid just yet. In the meantime, if you separate the logins out over a few minutes it might do enough to get you going again. I can’t make any promises though as I have yet to hear any solid details yet.

Can you try to go directly to SketchUp and login ?