Find center of text


Could anyone please tell me how I can find the center of a text, I have tried everything I can think of… :confused:

Thanks in advance,

What sort of text?

And which center?

i’m trying to find the center of the text that you add with thisdasfasdf icon, and i’d like to find the center of that box where you type

Outside of its group draw a vertical line at its start - in your illustration it’d be left of the ‘E’.
The line should extend from the top left of the ‘E’ to just below its ‘heel’ - because in your example the curved ‘e’ characters drop below the text’s base line slightly.
Use the inferencing to lock it vertically

Now draw a horizontal line from the mid-point of the vertical line to the right, using the inferencing to find the point and lock the line horizontally,
Snap to right-hand most part of the final letter ‘t’.

You now have a horizontal line passing through the text’s center.
The mid-point of the line is the ‘center’ of the text
Again the inferencing will give you that point.

You can draw a new line through that.
Tidy up by erasing any unwanted lines…

TIG’s CenterPoint All will do the trick for finding the center of the bounding box.

And to add to that, you know that with the move tool you can rotate around the center by using the red crosses.

no I didn’t really know that, I’m very new to sketchup.
But thanks for all the help :smiley:

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