Aligning 3D Text



I am modelling a die, and I am trying to align the 3D text in the centre if each face.

So the “1” is in the centre of the die face.

Many thanks


You can change the location of the origin for the component. Right click on it and choose Changes Axes. Click to set the origin, the red and then green axes.


finding the centre it will depend on which font you choose…

it is easier with ‘un-extruded’ 3D text…


As Dave and John said, change the component’s axes/origin to be in the center in the flat version (no extrusion) of each character or number. Extrusion can easily be done later but may be in the way at first.
Or create a guide point in the center in each component. For this there’s a nice plugin to help you to create a “midpoint” (= guidepoint!) between two selected points. See: (written by Rick Wilson)