Any way to align to center my model?

I want to select the component and center it to the axis so it’s easier to import into other software.
Is there a plugin? or something I’m missing.

You can change the location of the origin and axes for the component. Right click on it and choose Change Axes. Then place the origin where you want it followed by the red axis and then the green.

Yes, thanks for the reply, I can click on a point, and then change the axis. but I’m looking for a plugin that can auto-center to the cross axis,

You shouldn’t need a plugin to do that but I’ll move your thread to the Extensions category. Maybe someone will be able to point you to one. I’ve never found the need and I place the origin and axes for most of the components I make.

You can open Extension Warehouse and search for ‘‘axes’’

Yes I’ve downloaded a few already, but i can’t get the model to center on the point where the axis cross.
I’m just going load them into blender.


Or maybe you want it that way… (using ‘‘center’’ for search)

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Which plugin is this?

Do you know where this plugin is when installed?

If I remember correctly, all the Chris Fullmer plugin install into a subfolder il the extension menu named Chris Fullmer Tools or something like that.

The move tool and the alt key to select the middle of the bottom of the bounding box.
GIF 30-01-2024 9-55-04 AM

You can also grab the bottom middle and use [0,0,0] to place it at the origin.
GIF 30-01-2024 9-59-09 AM


Sketchplus is an extension which has this feature and many more. One click to do this in SketchPlus

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