Move axis to the center of groups

Hi people,

i have really really big problem. Im newbie in sketchup, i created whole town, with buildings, roads, light lamps, traffic lights but, problem is, that everything is as group and its axis are global, so every axis of every group has 0,0,0.

I want to change them to the center of every group, like in cinema or unity for example for better editing. I need it because im creating game in unity and every “center of object” (arrows for moving object) are somewhere in the hell and not in the true center of object.

Dont know if you understand :smiley: english is not my language, so hope you understand it from picture:

Hello. Check out Chris Fullmer’s Center on Origin plugin. That will help. :slight_smile:

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Hello, thanks for reply

If i understand, this plugin move every object to center, not center to object, am i right? But i have 1 file, where is everything, building, roads, lamps etc, one big town. So this plugin will mess everything

ThomThom’s Axes Tools can do that

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