Center/bottom of origin

Hello, can anyone help me with the following issue:

I need to create some low poly objects with the bottom center on origin for precise importing in our 3D calculator at work. I found the following extension: Chriss Fullmer tools → center on origin. which ensures that the exact center of origin is centered on the axes, which is great but…

for this calculator the exact center of the bottom must be centered on the axes and not the center of whole object. Is there an simple way to do this? i’ve tried it with mesuring and moving it up a bit with the measurements, but this takes to much time. I’ll add some pictures of the problem and the desired outcome…

here is the link to the file:

thanks in advance! i hope i explained my issue well enough for you guys to understand haha

If you look in this thread you can see some ways to adjust the plugin.


Perhaps… (The link to file does not work - which, in the best case, is just viewable anyway-, so I made my approx. one…)


@dezmo yes! this is basicly what I want to do. But i can’t get it to “snap” on the green axe. how do you do that?

He’s snapping it to the origin.

Yes , as Dave said
Use the constraint for blue axis (up arrow) and snap to origin.

I think i semi got it with this solution. It isn’t really snapping on the origin, but i can adjust it till it is sort of exactly on that line. Thanks for the tips guys!

In cases like this turn to face style ‘X-Ray’ to be able to look through the object to see and snap to the origin.

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To find the center point between two others, many often draw a temporary line just so SU can find the centerpoint.

Also, if you can grab your object by the point in question and then type [0,0,0], that point goes to the origin.

when you select a group or a component, then the move tool, by default, you can grab the object by any point, PLUS you can grab it by the corners of the bounding box.

on PC, if you press alt before starting your move, it will show you different handles on the bounding box.

so you could just select your group
select the move tool
press alt twice to see the middles of the bounding box appear (instead of the corners).
click on the middle point of the bottom face. then click on the origin.

(admire my ability to frame a shot)

or, you know, what Box said. Keep using the tool you’re already unsing, simply adjust it :slight_smile:

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Yes!!! this is actually very helpfull! thanks guys :innocent: