Filling in an area - I can't seem to do it


Hi Guys,
I’m attempting to create a hinge for a piece at work, but cannot seem to get a section to cover properly:

Please see attachments, I’ve highlighted the area in blue, which I’d like covering if possible?

Any idea what I am doing wrong? I have tried to go around the perimeter of the area with the draw tool, but it doesn’t seem to join up


hinge.skp (191.8 KB)


EDIT: Actually, I may need to put vertical lines in where the curves are? I’ll give it a try when I am back at work tomorrow! :smile:


Your circular “cut-out” actually extends into the material beyond the arc of the notch…

hinge 1.skp (224.3 KB)

I just pulled the notch up, pulled the circle across and intersected the two shapes - there are three faces you need to add, not just one. (Since the faces were created from negative space I had to invert them)


Hi gadget2020,

Thanks a lot for doing that for me!

I’ll be honest though, I don’t full understand how you did it, but really appreciate the help, as that is what I was wanting! :smile:



This should explain: very simple steps hinge 1.skp (243.0 KB)


Hi Gadget2020,

Apologise for the late reply!

But thanks a lot for explaining that! It will really help in the future.

Thanks a lot