Fill problem


Can someone explain why the fill on my component disappears when I over lay it on my drawing?

Screen shot shows component half overlaying drawing,

Not from a screenshot. Can you upload the SKP file so we can see the model?

Hi Dave

Yes of course.

window.skp (362.2 KB)

OK. I see the problem now. You are putting the “hinge” in the same location as the window or whatever it is. It’s your graphics card which is unable to decide which object is supposed to be in front of the other. Move the hinge up in space above the window and you won’t have this problem.

Remember, SketchUp is a 3D modeling program. There isn’t a bring to front or send to back thing like you would find in a 2D application. Bring to front is a “physical” thing that requires thinking in 3D.

If you were to make your model 3D, this would also take care of the issue.

Thanks Dave!

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