Downloaded component seemed to make drawing disappear, please help!

I think a downloaded component made my drawing disappear?! I downloaded a mixer tap and it was 168m tall! So I scsled it down and then all of my drawing disappeared. I don’t seem to be able to undo and
I have tried do delete the com opponent but no luck. I know the drawing is still there somewhere though as when I render the file in Ambient occlusion it comes up??

Any help appreciated! and have uploaded my file if it helps!
Thankyou in advance :slight_smile:

Uploading: bathroom issue save 1.skp…

This was the component:

bathroom issue save 1.skp (8.7 MB)

You should learn not to import directly from the 3D warehouse into the file you are working on.

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Hi Mihai.s thanks so much!! And great advice I will never do that again :star_struck:

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Styles and scenes don’t import. (Sometimes wish they could.)

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