Filleted corners with 1001bit tools

Trying to draw a lintel cross-section to extrude, using top view, parallel projection.
I am rounding corners using 1001bit Tools Fillet command with radii of 1mm and 2mm but find the ‘curves’ created are off-axis with the View Edges by Axis facility. This means the face has disappeared. I have learned that SU doesn’t draw curves and that Plugins are caveat emptor but can someone help me to understand why the curve segments have gone off-axis? Even better, how to ‘flatten’ them back on-plane?
Thank you.

Catnic_CN81.skp (98.0 KB)

Just draws a line over an existing one. Both, lines and arcs (curve segments), are in the same plane.

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Oh dear! Thank you. I thought I had drawn a line there already but you are quite right of course.
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