How to fillet corners in a curved surface?

Hi! What is the best way to round edges in curved shapes like in the example and put the value of rounding exactly?

And by the way how to offset this surface?

Multiple offsets do only such a job.

And I need do it like when using offset tool

fe.skp (291.8 KB)

I see that drape tool could do it. But after extruding this surface I get some king of ugly geometry. I deleted it and used curviloft plugin to remake geometry of this edges it is a little bit better but I’d like to see if there are some other methods.
Screenshot_35 Screenshot_34

flowify plugin makes the same results and still “ugly” geometry as for me.
But maybe it is quite normal and I simply overly worried about this?

Here’s a different way to look at it. Since the shape is symetrical, I split it into just one 4th. Then made my offset. Then bent along your curve profile using CLF Shape Bender. Though follow me could make that too. Then I mirrored a copy and subtracted the radius using Soild Tools (or Eneroth Solid Tools. I could have done it without making it a 1/4th component but this way, if I make a change to the radius edge or offset surface lines… I’d only have to make the changes once.

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Thanks for reply! Everything is clear. But can’t get how you get accuracy when matching edges of two solid groups. Hope you understand what I mean. Look my .skp file, my r=100mm.

re2.skp (263.8 KB)

I did it the opposite. I filleted (sp?) the corners of the main shape first using 1001 Bit Tools - Fillet Tool. Then I made a shape based on the opposite side…the one I want to subtract from later after bending the main shape.

I understand it. But still there is some misunderstood. Let’s have an example. I need to make a shape like 1000x1000 mm with rounded edges = 100 mm and let it be height like 100 mm. And I need to make some organic view of it. 1. So first I draw this shape with its dimensions and fillets. 2. Create any kind of curve that represents its real length (1000mm) and “organic” view. 3. Use the “Shape Bender” plugin to make from 1 step the shape curved by path from 2 step. Could you post a process of it?

I’m not sure how else to explain it. First of all, using Shape Bender helps for more complex shapes so is good to know how to do but for this, you can also use Follow Me. It all depends on whether you want to (or need to) create the radius corners first or second.

Compare two different approaches that yield the same result:

Thanks, and I’m sorry to confuse you. I just wanted to know how to avoid such cases with not clean geometry while making corners rounded as in my toppest screenshots here.