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Copies of what I have made in SketchUp are below. The Cabinet file and the Desktop Organizer file are what I did when I was using the 30-day free trial of Pro. The Cabinet Stand was the first thing I have done since I bought Go. I managed to get scenes that I printed to use at the workbench. That is the main reason I wanted to learn SketchUp. I figure that after one year of using Go, I will be better at the basics and navigating and may then move up to Pro. Tell me how I did and use it to train beginners about common beginner mistakes if you wish.
Cabinet Stand.skp (130.4 KB)
DT Organizer Alt.skp (335.2 KB) (311.0 KB)
DT Organizer Alt Images.pdf (1.6 MB)


You need to wait for files to finish uploading before you post. Neither of your skp files are available.

Also, just for clarity, are you looking for anything in particular? Do you want feedback? Just wanting to share? Having an issue with anything in particular?

I would recommend posts if a few images along with working links to the SKP files (I, for one, try not to download zip files from public forums) along with specifics about the feedback you are looking for. Just a few tips to get you some better feedback!

I’ll try to transfer files again.
Desktop Organizer (Dividers).skp (303.6 KB)
Cabinet Stand.skp (130.4 KB)
Cabinet Stand.skp (138.7 KB)

Feedback on how the scenes look, how to get clear views for transferring to PDFs, etc.
I am now using SketchUp Go. Thanks.

I was able to edit your first post to make the links work there.

I also unmarked Aaron’s post as being ‘Correct’, because although it helped you to know how to attach files, it didn’t really give you advice about the files you had posted. You can mark Aaron Correct again if you like, and I will leave it alone! Or wait for a short while and see what advice you get about your files, then mark someone as Correct if their advice was the best.

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Thanks, Colin. To clarity my request. I would like to know how the scenes look and how to make the scenes have a monochrome background. Since I’m in Go now, I can’t find Monochrome.

Use search

Thanks Mihai. How do I make the background with no color?

You’re welcome!
Change the Style

I guess that I didn’t find a style that I really liked but that one is probably the best. Thanks again.