Critique of My Scenes/Views

I’m now using SketchUp Go. The files named Cabinet and Desktop Organizer were made on SketchUp Pro when I was on the 30-day trial. I transferred them to Go. The file named Cabinet Stand was made on Go. Anyway, how do the scenes look? How can I get white backgrounds that are easier to print as a PDF? I don’t see a monochrome option on SketchUp Go. Here’s the files:
Cabinet Stand.skp (138.7 KB)
DT Organizer Alt-0.skp (61.5 KB)
Cabinet Stand.skp (138.7 KB)

I didn’t look at your scenes so no comment there.In the future, try posting a screenshot rather than the model as it’s faster/easier to comment on.

Re: Monochrome style in SU Go…See screenshots below:

Select then edit Styles here:

Change the background color to white and disable the Sky setting:

Switch face style to ‘Hidden Line’:

Yes! I found what I wanted. Thank you. I’ll figure out how to do screen shots.

Royce, I did look at your Cabinet Stand model.

As for the scenes, I would suggest that you zoom in more on the model and for some of the scenes, consider using Parallel Projection and a standard view. Also give the scenes names so you know what they show.

You might want to give some attention to learning how to use tags to control the visibility of the components, dimensions, and labels. You have many copies of your model spread out along the red axis. You really don’t need to do that.

I also in this model you’ve fallen back into that thing of geometry inside the wrong component.

You’ve also done the thing of copying the geometry within the component instead of copying the component. I don’t understand why your leg components are all differently constructed. They should be instances of the same component. This is the same thing we spent hours on in your cabinet model and you finally got it straight there. ( I haven’t looked at your most recent iteration of that model though.)

Here I’ve redrawn your model correctly and set up tags and scenes. Notice that I gave the scenes names so it’s clear what is shown in each of them. These five scenes will allow you to get all of the needed details for a shop drawing. I did not add the dimensions or labels. I would do that in LayOut if I were doing that. I’ll send you the .skp file in a PM.

This is the single scene showing the legs, aprons and buttons laid out. This is where you’d add dimensions. In LayOut this scene would be used for multiple viewports.

You modeled the legs with a taper along the full length but the aprons aren’t trimmed to match. I took the liberty of changing them so the taper, on the two inside faces starts at the bottom of the aprons. I also made the top slightly larger and put a smaller radius on the edges.

And to your question about the background. That requires editing the style and setting the background color to white. Exactly how you do that is depends on the SketchUp version. It’s definitely a good idea if you’re going to print.

Keep working on getting your components created properly. That will go a long way to making your scenes easier to set up.


I greatly appreciate your critique, Dave. All things I need to learn and relearn. Thanks for the great screen shots. That gives me a goal to shoot for in my future models. It will take me a long
time to reach that level of professionalism. I will persevere. Sorry for posting so many skp files. I have to learn how to do screen shots.

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No need to apologize for posting the .skp files. Screenshots can be useful but there are things that screenshots can’t easily show unless you know to show them. The issue with your front left leg for example.