File Thumbnails missing after 2024 install

Ghost of sketchup 2020 on machine that cannot be removed completely. Even tried uninstaller apps.

When i remove file association for skp, it reverts to sketchup 2020, even though there is no sketchup 2020 on this machine. When i try to reassign .skp to Sketchup, none of my thumbnails will appear.

Every time i resave a file, i lose the old thumbnail, and it is replaced by the sketchup icon.

Forcing users to install new software, mid workflow, disabling all older versions at the same time…all I have are two big middle fingers for you Trimble. I seriously had no option but to quit sketchup, install 2024 in the middle of working on a project, making all previous installed versions obsolete.



is this just a rant thread or are you looking for solutions / explanations as to why it’s not working the way you want to ?

asking so I (and many other) don’t waste my time.

Is there a way to fix the missing thumbnails? Ive spent hours. All the threads here are out of date. Every time sketchup has a new version i spend days trying to fix all the problems created.

The thumbnails display fine for me with SketchUp 2024.

Start by repairing the installation of SketchUp. Find the installer. right click on it, choose Run as administrator, and then choose Repair. After it completes do a cold reboot of your machine.

Please fix your forum profile. It is also out of date.

No change.
All files saved do not show thumbnail, only sketchup app icon.
Any old file resaved no longer shows thumbnail and replaces it with sketchup icon.
Installation repaired, no change.
File association reset and set using command prompt - no change
File association set using app settings - no change
Attempted removal of all old sketchup data - no change
File association set in registry - no change

File associations reset one more time after repair, using app settings, and a check in registry that all paths for .skb and .skp were the same. Thumbnails restored themselves automatically after that.

All old program data and registry data was also removed using revo uninstaller.
That was the only way i was able to get rid of associations being forced to 2020.

thank you

Sounds like you have some issues with your system, I would start by looking at how your system is handling ‘permissions’.

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It’s good that you got it sorted but I agree with Box. Seems like there was some issue with permissions.

FWIW, I haven’t had any issues with thumbnails showing up for old files after installing SU2024. Out of curiosity I just opened a folder of SketchUp files that were made more than 10 years. The thumbnail displayed without any problems. Makes me think I should go back and check out some of them, though.

Well I cannot be sure, i did not change anything regarding permissions.
From what I could tell, there were all sorts of old registry entries and such related to ghost sketchup 2020 that was uninstalled, but not fully. This has been a problem with many other users as well…not being able to remove 2020. When 2024 was installed, the file associations no longer seemed to work properly, and resetting them the normal way would only let me set the association to 2020, which was uninstalled years ago. I used assoc command to delete all associations and reset them, then repaired as you suggested, then reset associations once using windows app settings.