File Size help - nested groups and components

I have some theatre models that are getting quite large (>220,000 kB). I’ve deleted components, etc … but the file size doesn’t seem to drop as expected.

How do I look at my group structure? … is there a way to visually see ALL the groups, components giving number of occurances and how they are nested? … can I then, from this list select and view a group to see if it is necessary, or could be simplified/exploded?


Deleting components from the model space doesn’t eliminate them from the file. Try Purge Unused from Window>Model Info>Statistics.

Have you explored the Outliner window? It lists your model structure in the way you are describing and provides some of the options you are looking for in managing entities.

I think that’s what I’m looking for! … I remember using something in the past, but can’t find it. Where do I access the Outliner window?

Menu Window/Outliner

Got it. Perfect!! Thanks.

Wow! Using Outliner to go through and explode subgroups into master groups (reducing the number of grouping levels) dropped file size from 227,000 kB to 125,000 kB without deleting anything.

Thanks again!

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I thought that might do the trick :+1:. It works way better if you’ve done a good job of labeling your components as you build them.

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