File open error - This does not appear to be a SketchUp model!

I have an issue opening the model file that have been saved this morning.
The model was created using SketchUp 2024 version.
Could anyone advise please?

i also counter same issue here. does anyone can help me to repair the file please? (65.0 KB)

Hi, you’ll have to share a file if you want people to try at it. If it’s more than 16mb, use your favourite hosting service (wetransfer, any cloud…)

The file contains nothing but zeroes. There is nothing there to recover. Sorry! This kind of thing sometimes happens if you are saving the file to an external location such as the cloud or an attached drive.

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thanks for your effort. guess i have no choice but to redo. actually i save the file in local.

and versioning your files in the future.
either using trimble connect or manually : from time to time, just save as or duplicate your working file. it will give you a series of saving points that you can revert to

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