File not found or invalid in SketchUp 2023

Hello, I have tried to open recently saved project in SketchUp 2023 on Windows but unfortunately I got an error “Unexpected File Format”. Could you help me with this issue?
Here are the faulty files (both project and backup not working):
@colin Could you help like in other topics?

I was able to recover the file:


You might find you have fewer problems if you keep your models cleaned up.

Make sure you are using tags correctly with edges and faces always untagged.
Screenshot - 6_18_2023 , 8_45_20 PM
And purge unused stuff from the file as you go.
Screenshot - 6_18_2023 , 8_46_21 PM
This purging reduced the file size by nearly 70% and made your model perform much better. You can purge unused stuff from the Colin’s recovered version by going to Model Info>Statistics and clicking on Purge Unused.

Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp for Schools which is web based. Evidently you are using SketchUp Pro. Please correct your forum profile. That information helps us help you but only if it’s correct.

Edit to add: If this is a design that will actually be built you might want to give some thouught to the bathtub. Just the water would be 1000 Kg if it was filled. It might wind up between the couch and kitchen. :wink:

@colin Thank you very much for help! It all works now.
Am I able to recover project file myself if anything like that happens again? Could you share how you did this?

@DaveR Thanks for the tips. I was able to reduce project size from 250mb → 100mb. I’ve recently started learning SketchUp so your feedback is realy valuable to me.

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I use an internal tool we have. It doesn’t help much usually, especially with older version files, but it has been successful with most 2023 files.

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