File management icons

We have 4 icons that hint at what’s happening with our files:

  • Trimble Connect - Synced
  • Trimble Connect - Available Offline
  • Bookmarked - For models that exist in the Files App and are saved directly there
  • Blue Folder Icon - This is for models that exist in the Sketchup App, but do not exist on Trimble or Files app. It’s strange that the icon is the same as the Files App, but it doesn’t refer to files in the Files App.

I think I got this right… If so, I suggest:

  • Trimble Icon Models - Both icons should be kept;
  • Sketchup - Models existing in Sketchup should have a Sketchup icon
  • Files - Models existing in the Files App should have the Files Icon.

I know you’re not asking, but here is the information I got on which was which in another thread.

@JQL – you’re close…

For the 4 icons that hint at where the files are stored:

  • Trimble Connect - Lives in the cloud
  • Trimble Connect Offline - “Lives in the cloud” but there’s a local copy that’s cached so that you can work offline. The local copy is automatically synced when you are online. The sync is bidirectional, meaning that if a new version is published to Connect, the local copy will be updated automatically. If the local copy is updated (when offline, for example) it will be published to Connect automatically, once you’re back online.
  • Blue Folder Icon - This is for models that are stored locally in the Files App in the SketchUp application folder under On My iPad > SketchUp.
  • Bookmarked - For models that exist in the Files app, and that are either stored locally on the device, but not in the SketchUp application folder, or are stored in a 3rd party service or app. For example, if/when you open a SketchUp file, via the Files app, from Dropbox, or your Documents app. iOS does not give us enough information to know exactly where the file is stored, or enough info to keep track of it… so we treat its location as being “bookmarked” as living somewhere other than Connect or the SketchUp application folder.
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Right, but have you have noticed that the Files App has that exact blue folder icon?

and that if you open the files app to access the sketchup app’s folder the icon of that folder has a sketchup logo?

It would be more intuitive to me if th bookmarked had the blue folder icon and the nidels on my ipad > sketchup would feature a sketchup icon

I can see that, and appreciate where you’re coming from.