Bookmark icon (I think) vs file folder or Trimble icon

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How do I upload a project to my Trimble account from SU Home menu on the iPad? When I click on the 3 dots on the Home page my only choice is “delete from recents”. My other projects have the option to publish to Connect. The last modified icon for the project looks like maybe a bookmark not a file or Trimble Connect icon. Attached an image but not sure it loaded. The SKP file was uploaded from my files folder on my iPad.
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The three dots should give you some options. Be sure to have the same email address as when you sign in in a browser to check.

I have noticed Trimble connections are very hit-or-miss on the iPad app.

Try connecting to Trimble directly from the side menu (second icon down) then try Publish to Connect again.

Hi @Vetguy1, we’re still working to broaden the list of available options for bookmarked files. As you noted, at this time, there is not yet an option to publish a bookmarked file directly to Connect. More to come on that soon…

Note too, that bookmarked files are not the same as files that are stored/saved locally. Local files will be displayed with a Files app icon. The bookmark icon is used to denote files that were opened from (and live in) a 3rd party cloud service, like Dropbox, GDrive, iCloud, etc…

Thanks so much for the help.
I moved the file from my iCloud Drive to my “ on my iPad “ and the issue is resolved.

Bingo! You got it :+1:

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