File Failed to Open

I have a landscape design file I am working on but now I am unable to open it, every time I try i get the message “Failed to open document”

This was something I started building in 2021 then upgraded to 2022, but I haven’t had any issues with my others files.
I have already tried using the backup and I get the same response.

How can i recover this?! the file is attached.
Earley Basemap.skp (4.3 MB)

The usual things I would try are not working. I have asked a developer to look at your file.

Thank you

Here is what he was able to recover, hopefully it’s a useful amount.

Earley Basemap (fixed).skp (2.3 MB)

thank you!

I’m getting an error can’t open the file while working, looks like it’s an error when importing the model. Can someone help me fix this, I’d be grateful for this help.

Possibly if you share the file. Certainly not if you don’t.

Hi there, I tried to open a file I was working on back in June and now it says Failed to open File!
File can be found here:
Please Help!

More than half of the file is zeros. Don’t know what caused that, but it won’t be possible to recover anything.