File Extensions In Wrong Location


Our company changed servers over the weekend. Above is the error I need help fixing. I can change the location to the material folder it creates but it changes it for ALL of our models, not individually. Any guidance?

These are file extension settings. These are paths that SketchUp dialogs use when displaying open and save dialogs. (So these are application level settings.)

Click the edit button to browse to the new location and save it.

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Changing the location is not a problem, I’m not sure where to change in to. I linked model A to a folder associated with that project. Then opened a previously built model, for a different project model B, and those files were linking to the model A location, which seems incorrect. I then opened a new model C and it’s files were linking to model A. It seems like each should have it’s own link to a different project file or everything should link to a central location, not a project file? Am I missing something?

Yes. Model files are not “linked”, but they will automatically be saved to the storage location from which they were opened.

If you created a new model, and then clicked save, SketchUp may open the save dialog to the path you set in the Preferences > Files > Models field.
But if that path is invalid (shown as red background) and cannot be opened, then it’s more than likely that MS Windows will use it’s MRU (Most Recently Used) path setting for the ".skp" file extension, which very well could be the last place you saved or opened a ".skp" file from.

Keep in mind that SketchUp (like most applications) use a OS dialog library for common interfaces like open and save dialogs, so that the behavior is common to all applications and users know what to expect.

It will (or should) once it is saved, … but a file cannot “know” to what project (and hence folder) it belongs until you save it once.

If you have your project folders in the “Documents” folder, then I’d point the “Models” path to “Documents” (Ie, the parent folder of all your project subfolders.)

However, if you have a dedicated parent folder somewhere (another drive, etc.,) for all your project subfolders, it’ll likely be best to point to this parent project folder. And then you’ll only need to double-click the appropriate project subfolder when needing to specify a model file to open or where to save.

Of course there is also the alternative of double-clicking directly on a model file in the File Explorer to open a model. In MS Windows you can also save folder paths in File Explorer as a “Library” or “Quick Access” link and use native Windows OS File Explorer features as your project file organizer.

There may also be project organizing features in Trimble Connect you might leverage (but I myself have never used it.)