Changing the Sketchup file location

I’m having issues linking my Sketchup model to Layout (still learning and have made, apparently a few fundamental blunders. I have since watched/read/slept to understand my blunders but alas still learning)

Maybe this falls into that category
I decided to temporarily relocate the SU file to my desktop, then I relinked to it from Layout. It worked and the Layout file was updated. I then replaced the SU file back to its original location. It worked once again.

Q: Is this ok? Or can this create issues for me?

Seems like a lot of screwing around to me. Save your Sketchup model file to a folder for the project. Then save the LayOut file to the same place along with any other project-specific content such as spreadsheets, images, text files, etc. That way you will know where they all should be.