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Can anyone suggest an extension for reducing geometry in order to reduce overall file size? I have been importing FBX files into a merchandised retail environment and the overall file size is quite large (785MB+) and I still have a long way to go to complete the upft. This will be rendered eventually as Panos in multiple locations throughout the store model.

skimp for SketchUp - Coming soon…


Hi, Chris This looks great. When will it release? Is there a cost to purchase? Can I beta test for you? I could really use a tool like this now. My deadline is only a few weeks out.

It’s from Mind Sight Studios, not Trimble.

( ping @kevin.mindsightstudios )

The webpage says this month (march 2019) …

Likely so as it is meant for professionals.

You can sign up for news notices at the bottom of the product webpage.

They also have a contact page …

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Thanks, Dan. I found the same info and have registered for updates. Hopefully it releases soon. I could really use this tool.


You can also look at Transmutr and Mootools Polygon Cruncher.