Skimp new plugin from Mindsite

I just saw a video preview of Dale (Whaat) Martin’s new plug-in called “Skimp”. It looks interesting.

I don’t know as I would use it for importing heavy models, but it would sure reduce the poly-count on some of my models. (I might have messed up the link, so how do I fix it to bbc code, I thought using hyperlink would do it, but no!)

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@john_drivenupthewall, thank you now I can delete that mess of a url address in my post!

And competition;


These both look great and will provide a way to get some better model options into sketchup. It would be nice if these were standalone products (maybe they are?) as often times it can take a long long time getting a high poly obj into sketchup in the first place (if at all) of which occasionally they come in incomplete.
Or does it work as an import window/buffer prior to actually opening in sketchup ?
An obj import to Blender can open in a few seconds whereas the same obj in SU can take minutes.

( no mac version for transmutr yet so maybe Skimp will corner the market? )

MooTools Polygon Cruncher with 3DBrowser

note that it doesn’t integrate with SketchUp, but it is rather useful

Skimp works in SketchUp, it reads the .obj file but renders OpenGL polygons (fast) as preview instead of generating full-featured SketchUp entity objects (slow). Only when you have chosen the desired polygon count, it generates entities.

I don’t know how Transmutr works. Its preview (and mouse interaction) looks exactly like SketchUp, but SketchUp desktop is not embeddable (as far as I know), and SketchUp for Web (3DWH) is embeddable but does not have an API to interact programmatically with the view or move objects around.


The Transmutr manual/FAQ states that Transmutr beta will run out of memory on large model imports, so likely it imports models first, then reduces poly count.

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Hey all!

We are almost ready to start beta-testing Skimp :slight_smile:

If you are interested in beta testing or want to be notified when we release Skimp, make sure you sign up here. We will be doing an open call for beta testing to anyone who signs up to this list:

Learn more at

If you work with high-poly models in SketchUp, you’ll definitely want to check this out.