Fichier invalide ou introuvable

Bonjour à tous,

Je n’arrive plus à ouvrir un fichier, j’ai message d’erreur “fichier invalide ou introuvable”…
J’ai travaillé dessus entre le bureau et une clé USB…
Version SketchUp17

Merci beaucoup!

Did you copy the SKP to your Desktop ?
Working on a file that is on a USB stick can be a problem.
Always copy files onto your computer, saving them back onto the USB stick when you are done.
Also check that the saved copy is valid before deleting the computer’s version.

Avez-vous copié le SKP sur votre bureau?
Travailler sur un fichier qui se trouve sur une clé USB peut être un problème.
Copiez toujours les fichiers sur votre ordinateur, en les sauvegardant sur la clé USB lorsque vous avez terminé.
Vérifiez également que la copie enregistrée est valide avant de supprimer la version de l’ordinateur.

Thank you for your message.
Yes I did and I have the same error message…

I know that it’s always a bad idea to work on a USB stick, but when you are in a rush…

In English there is an old addage: “Haste makes waste.”

Do you have a backup file on a computer somewhere? It’ll be named something like myfile~.skp with the ~ indicating it’s a backup file.

Yes you’re completely right!

No, no backup file… nothing.
It is strange because the thumbnail in the folder shows the project in the file properly…

I think I’ll have to start everything again.

Best practice is to always save the file to a local drive (inside the computer) and only copy it to a USB drive to take it with you. Leave the original on the computer where a backup file should also be created. This also applies to putting files into cloud-based storage if you do that.

Maybe the silver lining is that you’ll be able to make the model again more quickly than you did the first time?