Fenêtre Calque


Je n’arrive pas à obtenir la fenêtre calques sur Sketchup pro 2018, but les gérer, en créer de nouveaux, voir les lignes en couleur sur l’écran…

voici ce que j’ai :

quelqu’un pourrait il m’aider svp ?

Go to Palette par Default > and check Layers


ok, thank you i did it before but… i can see de color when i draw a line for example… i can’t change et see wath i change… and the window Claque … is just there to change the calque not to créat another ?


Go to Palette par Default > check Show Tray


thank you…
could we see the color of the line ?

i did wath you propose and hier is wath i see

the surfaces are in the colors but not the lines (like autocad, rhino3D), is it normal ?

Yes, it is, but if you want the lines also be colored, see how you can do it

thank you ! that’s exactly what i wanted !

Sorry if i’m not in the good post, but because you are… after that.

How to draw with a line more thin in the view…

the line are too large…

You’re welcome!

Keep in mind that SketchUp it’s not Autocad nor other 2D drafting software, it’s a 3D modeler software.

It is better to leave your default settings and even if you choose to draw only 2D, use them as they are. You will not have more line thicknesses for each layer.

Even if the Layers in SketchUp are similar to those in Autocad in terms of visibility and partially separation (no lock or freeze), keep in mind that the raw geometry (line, arcs, faces) is sticky in SketchUp and to separate it it’s necessary to group it using Make Group / Make Component.

Start to learn the basics from here: https://learn.sketchup.com/track/sketchup-fundamentals-part-1

ok! thanks a lot