Feedback on the forum


As much as I love this application (sketchup) and hoped to be part of it, I find this website EXTREMELY HARD TO READ. The fonts are too thin, too light and the background is too bright.and there is no option to change any of this nonsense.

In other words… It’s illegible. Looks like it was designed by someone who doesn’t read.

Sorry I’m making such a poor impression for my first post, but at some point someone has to make a stand that website designers have got to RESPECT their readers.

Welcome to our forums! Please introduce yourself :)

@Old_Faithful, that’s a nice introduction.

What is it you see? I see most of the forum text as black on white in a sans serif font which is quite easy to read. There are some buttons with black text on a light gray background but even those are easy enough to read.


OK, so I found a workaround. Like they say “ask and you shall receive”? Well it turns out there is this super small utility called “My Font Changer 2” that runs on Stylish and replaces the font on Firefox EVERYWHERE :wink: and I am back to reading. Overrides the website’s super thin light grey font so I’m back to reading again :slight_smile:


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