Feature suggestion: Make colours palette only visible when Paint Bucket tool active

As per the title. One hugely frustrating interface issue I have is that every time I use the Paint Bucket too the Colours palette comes and steals my valuable screen space. Quite a lot of the time I’m using the eyedropper mode to re-use textures already in the model. It would be great to have a setting (on by default?) so that when you go to another tool it automatically hides this palette.

Sorry if this is in the wrong place admins - couldn’t see anywhere more appropriate for it.


Trimble is trying to unify the windows and MacOS interfaces, on windows the materials is a tray, probably it will be changed that on Mac, until that happens you can move the materials window to a place that doesn’t bother you too much, then every time you hit B it will appear on the last place you closed it.

In Settings, Drawing, is an option to auto activate the paint tool. If you uncheck that you can then go in and out of the Paint Bucket tool, sampling and applying materials, all without the Colours palette appearing. It’s a Mac-only feature.


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I really hope this feature is not a future casualty of the UI unification. I’m still bummed about having the ability to create new tags from the entity info window taken away from us Mac users in the name cross platform uniformity. If the Mac OS (or windows) allows for unique useful features, let’s keep them!