[Feature Request] Direct link URL and embedded viewer

Thanks Tommy, this helps a lot.
So my next question would be, is there an online viewer app via Trimble? I can’t ask my people at the other end to download and install SU’s client viewer. A lot of these guys are sales engineers in the field working from laptops. In an “Ideal World” I send out a link via email, my reviewers click on it and the drawing opens in their browser with tools that allow them to pan, orbit and zoom. Then they send me feedback about revisions.

And one step further – I’d eventually like to embed the url to display in a frame on my web site so that end customers can come in and explore the drawings. By the way, most of my drawings are huge aluminum smelters and cast houses. The company that I work for provides capital equipment and engineering services to these plants all over the world. Translation is an issue that is easily bridged with pictures.

Here’s a little snippet:

I should also point out that I’m not an architect or an engineer but I do love to draw and SketchUp is totally addicting.

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This sounds awesome. I moved this response to the my.SketchUp category in the forum, so that we can have a deeper discourse about this feature request (eg. let’s see who else wants this feature).

This also sounds like a cool feature to add.

Wait. What? I was just talking to 600 people at 3D Basecamp last week, and I didn’t meet anyone who said that they draw huge smelters and cast houses in SketchUp. I discover a new use for SketchUp every day :wink:

Well I’d like to attend 3D Basecamp some day but since I’m a Marketing / Graphic Design guy, I think I’d be way out of place among all the architects and engineers. For me, SU is a powerful illustration tool that enables me to visualize places where I’m not allowed to take a camera. All of our customers are competitors and they guard their I.P. and production processes very closely. SU allows me to create generic environments that highlight our products without showing exactly how they are installed by a specific customer. In essence, I’m trying to create a virtual reality interface with the easiest possible tools.

Hi everyone - we built a link from SketchUp to web VR which works via a URL link. It also maintains live connectivity so you can make changes to the SketchUp model and see the changes immediately in VR. Take a look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHzZG8ivv94

We were at SketchUp basecamp and it was awesome to meet the SketchUp team and end users. Hope you guys find value in our tools, thanks!

Anthony @ Flux.io

No way! Anyone is welcome to come to Basecamp. They just need to want to be around other SketchUppers :-). I met people from many different backgrounds. For example, I talked to a guy from a local Sheriff’s Department who re-creates crime scenes.

Thanks for the tip, @ShanghaiAnt.

I’m really keen to see something like this too.
often draw something simple up in Sketchup for a client to explain a concept or “how were planning to do it” and currently just .pfd some shots of it and send these through
although the client is normally quite happy with this it would be much better for them to be able to view the full model in a read-only version online