Feature discussion - Toolbars and Palettes

I see it says it is ‘toolbars’. Who made this and where can I find and download it?

I would add that it would be nice to be able to create a separate floating, resizable “tray” for LO Scrapbooks on a Mac. This is possible on the Windows side, but evidently not on a Mac.

What plug-in is this???

It is a script that I quickly test using the library from a plugin I’m developing, it is not a feature of the tool.

Is there a way I can help you with testing this? If not, would you be willing to share. This item lacking in SketchUp Pro 2021 for Mac is still so disturbing as I have been requesting something similar to this for several versions.

Any help would be appreciated.

Let me know if you figure it out :wink:

Worse still, if you take time to arrange panels/windows/trays (wherever they are called) for Tags, Outliner, Entity Info etc on a second screen (keeping main screen for modelling) they will move ‘elsewhere’ after the Mac wakes from sleep. Sometimes they go to my 3rd screen, other times they go to the main modelling screen - and break the arrangement. Theres no way to save the workspace (despite the Preferences option which doesn’t save the workspace). Uber frustrating and greatly in need of a fix.

drds1111 wrote : " I remember seeing a plugin that would open up a listing of all of your plugins that have toolbars or palettes. Inside that tool you could turn on or turn off the visibility of the selected toolbar/palette. "

hi @DRDS1111.
I wonder if the plugin you’re talking about is ExtensionStore from SketchUcation web site ?
this plugin includes an extension & plugin manager that allows you to activate/desactivate plugins one by one and to save different sets.


I can’t comment on using a MAC, but in windows a right click on any of the visible toolbars will bring up a list of all available toolbars, with the visible ones checked. Check or uncheck them to view what you want.

This is close to being the same thing as the Extension Manager that is already in SketchUp. Its not bad, but it still does not address the issue of being able to see all of the toolbars for the plugins and extensions and to toggle them on and off in the same fashion.

Thank for your response.

Thanks Moose,
So that’s why this is happening!
Thanks for solving that mystery … very irritating indeed!
Unfortunately, I think this is a post for Apple, this forum probably won’t give you much satisfaction …

Not that im a programmer but I believe the windows/panels/trays are Sketchup controlled not OS controlled (they are not normal macOS windows). So what behaviour they follow is driven by the Sketchup code. Hopefully something can be coded to make them controllable. Alas the great @Aaron, a Mac user, doesn’t seem to use a second monitor as a home for all these controls. Now if he started, then…

Apple could deprecate all the super old APIs that SketchUp is leaning on, and it’s kind of strange that they haven’t done so years ago, since they’re so poorly optimized for Mission Control and multi display that there’s no “familiarity” argument for keeping them functional. Like, great, G4 users who have been in a coma for ten years won’t be surprised by this design language…