Fbx,3ds, obj formats in Sketchup

Hello there, i am interesting with some details and i need your help and suggestion.
i decide to create a small map in sketchup for a small game.

  1. what specification PC i need to build 8-10 GB model with assets?
  2. can Transmutr plugin convert big size asset? (if it has any limit?)
  3. is it possible that asset wich is ready render model (for game) can i keep it ready for render with using Transmutr plugin?
    waiting for your suggestion, i have to buy new pc and i want to get one, which will work perfectly.
    what specification PC do you suggest?

The fastest, but it will still be very, very , very, very slow.
(Intel Core i9-12900KF, say, 128GB RAM, GeForce RTX 3080 Ti…)

How does the question relate to the thread title, or to feature requests?

Why so :pensive: after all of this i want to bring it back, in unity soft. Is it possible i dont lose render ready materials for unity?

Just a mistake sorry ))

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