Faulty import

Hi there,
Simple question, I use furniture creation software for my work (polyboard). Once my piece of furniture is created, I export it as a 3DS file to Sketchup (I’m new to sketchup so excuse my question if it seems stupid).
When the piece of furniture is displayed, all the rectangles present that make up the piece of furniture are cut by a diagonal line that divides the piece in two. In a piece of furniture, this represents a lot of useless features. My question is the following, how can I make these diagonal lines no longer appear, and that the import goes correctly the first time?

Many thanks in advance to you and sorry for my bad English.


The reason is the 3DS format you are using. It breaks a 3D model down into triangles. The importer options in SketchUp have an option to “Merge coplanar faces” that might get rid of at least part of them. I would leave the importer as is, and use ThomThom’s free CleanUp extension instead. Or check if your cabinetry software supports some other, more advanced format that would be compatible with SketchUp.

and in last resort after all that, if Anssi’s solutions aren’t enough, you can make these diagonals disappear using the eraser and alt on mac… I’d say ctrl on pc ? (don’t have my PC on me)

It’s not a clean solution, the lines technically exists, so you can’t pushpull and al. It’s more of a “fix it with duct tape so nobody sees the error” solution :slight_smile: