Fathers day gifts

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What would be the best tutorial to use so my middle school students (ages 10-12) can create little doodads to print as Father’s Day gifts?

You can start here:

I thought about this overnight and given the age of the students, familiarity the teacher has with the application and the time constraints, I would suggest learning some basic shape creation and use of 3D text. You’ll also need to read a little about what a solid is and how faces are recognized by 3D printers. You could create small key chain fobs, lapel pins etc.

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Thanks, anyway. I was hoping for a freebie. For that price I could just buy the presents for the kids. :frowning: janet


Here’s a simple model you can try:

Importing it into Slic3r:


@jkcook, maybe, maybe this is an idea as a printable key chain fob or at least gives you an idea what can be achieved with your own text.
Downscale the component before exporting to be printed!

SuperDAD.skp (222.2 KB)


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