Learning curve towards 3d Printing

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Is this your first time trying to 3d print? If so, then I sincerely doubt anyone’s ability to know enough about all the “fiddly bits” required to:

  • Create a 3d printable model in SketchUp
  • Export the results to a “slicer”
  • Use slicer settings that are likely to work on the first try and
  • Calibrate the 3d printer

Many people have gone through this, and it is something most people can achieve - but not in time to offer your kids the ability to create little doodads in time for Father’s Day!

Even if you already know all this, 3d prints still usually take trial and at least 1 error. And 3d printing is slow. Unless you have a very small class, the time alone required for all of them to succeed in printing a “little doodad” likely isn’t enough to complete one for each student by Father’s day. Note: I’m assuming the kids would want to monitor “their” print - so you’d need to limit the printing to class hours only.

I love the idea of teaching kids to model and then 3d print things. But I suggest it’s best left until your introduction isn’t under such a time pressure.

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