Creating Inner Supports

Hey everyone,

I’m a fairly new user but I’ve got some projects in mind so I’m just coming to grips with how it all works.

My overarching plan is to write out a name in block capitals, already collected. I’m going to cut it in half through the middle so I can add some diodes to light it from the inside.

My question is, is there a way I can add supports to the hollow inside of both halves so they can be easily connected after they’re printed?

Cheers everyone!

Are you using the 3d text tool within SketchUp to make your text?

I will do if they have block capitals and if I can find a way to conjoin them. If not I’ll have to do something else…

From my understanding what you’re trying to do you could try something like this, they can just be snapped together


That’s it exactly, but I’m not sure how to create something like the ‘E’ with those little supports already built in. Is there an option for it?

I just did it manually
Here’s an example, the letter is 4" tall and 1/8" thick.
once the first piece is there i explode it and offset the top face 1/8" and pull it up 3/16" to give it an overall thickness of 5/16". once i have the circle of the support i copy and paste it to make the upper and bottom pieces
on the bottom piece i push the circle down 3/16" for the hole depth, on the upper piece i pull it out 1/8" to make the pin.

Here’s the link to the GIF