Create lego-like solid pieces for assembly


I’m attempting to make a split model for 3d printing and I’d like it to have joints to get a firm grip when assembled (like a lego).

This is what I have.

Does anyone know of a plugin or a way to get this done?


Something along the lines of this maybe?

Yes, but keeping the curvature

This better?
I only used basic tools to do it,
I had both parts touching (in situe and didn’t move them)
You basically use the curve of one to create an extended lap for the other and add pins.
Cut the lap for the second and copy/ paste in place the pins.
I do a lot of mortise/tenon work so am used to doing things like this, I’m not sure about a plugin but maybe someone pops up

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

Good luck, interesting project by the way, be nice to see it progress.

Thanks - Ian

In the end I used a plugin made by sdmitch from SketchUcation. Very simple one. Heres the link Create lego-like solid pieces for assembly • sketchUcation • 1
And the result:

I only made the “pimples” a bit smaller to make sure they’d fit when assembled.

Thanks for your time, everyone! I’ll show some pictures of the 3D-printed model when I get it.


Well done!

Does the plugin have an option for double pins as you may find the parts twist slightly with only one pin?

Well yeah, kinda… it creates them on the center of the face, so you could divide it with a line and use the plugin twice. It’s very easy so you don’t feel like you’re overworking. Also you could erease those lines all at once in the end with CleanUp.


Make sure the pins are adequate length too to prevent them from falling out too easily!