Fat dashed lines in LayOut preview



The dashed lines in Layout want to preview/print as an enormously wide line. I’ve tried to change the widths (pts) with now luck. Any ideas?


This seems like a graphics issue. What graphics card?

What happens if you export to PDF? (Using File>Export, not Print.)

Can you share a LayOut file in which you see the fat lines? We can try it and see what we get.


Export to print looks fine. Just Print Preview. Strange.


To share this LO file I’d have to share the SU file as well, correct?


It’s embedded in the LO file so you would be sharing it. You don’t have to upload the SKP as well and the LO file, though. If you don’t want to make either public, send it to me in a private message.


Ugh. File too big. Trying to figure out how to reduce the size so I can PM it to you.


I’ll send you my e-mail address in a PM.


That would be great. Thanks.


OK. Having looked at your file as well as another one, I can confirm that I’m seeing it too.

I had hopes it was an OpenGL thing but I’m not so sure.


Ok, so it’s not me or something I’ve done. But it is strange.


Yeah, this is a known issue with the system print preview dialog. Dashed lines in LayOut will show super fat in the preview, but then print ok. We’ve tried to fix it before without success, so I can’t offer much more information than that.



Thanks Marc. I’ve just resorted to Exporting to PDF since - which seems to work.


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