Dashed Line in Layout Printing very heavy

All things current…Drawing a dashed line in layout, when I do a print preview no matter the settings, it appears very heavy.

Is it the same when you export to PDF or is it just in the print preview?

Thanks for replying, it’s as you see it in preview regardless if I print to PDF or directly to printer. If I export it as PDF, the indicated lines are solid or continuous, not hidden / dashed.


Are you using version 2021 as your profile indicates?

No, SU Pro and Layout both 2023. However I just physically printed again, and it was fine, just heavy in preview. I re-started both SU and layout, refreshed all view ports… It’s B (11 x 17) size landscape, Now I have to control it from spiting out 6 blank pages and printing on the last page. Set up and all is correct,
I guess we’re good


Updated Profile…thanks for reminding me…

Either delete the blank sheets in your LayOut document or export just the one page to PDF and print that.

DOE! For sure, I forgot I was using one of my templates… At 72 we have many brain farts.

Thanks Dave.


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I guess I need to use SU Layout more often, I’m typically in AutoCAD or Chief Architect Premier x15.
Thanks again