Dashes blow up in Layout, how to solve !?

  1. Imported a dwg as paper space. All works fine and ungrouped a few times to organise the content on layers.
  2. Then a print preview and found out that the dashed lines all blow up !!
  3. Also directly drawn dashed line work in layout blow up !?

Just can’t figure out what causes the blow up. Is this a bug ? How can i solve this ?

Thanks in advance
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Hello, this is a known bug that has been around a while when doing a print preview with hidden lines. This only effects the preview so your print should be fine.


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All looks good in PDF, so ques that will work just fine. When working in other cad programs i make print previews a lot before printing. The work around isn’t a big deal, but it would nice this could be fixed in the future.


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