Fix bug in layout print preview

Here’s a big idea for LO developers. Why not fix the bug in LO “Print Preview” that shows ALL dashed (only) lines as huge and fat? That way the rest of us wouldn’t waste so much time trying to find GD setting that isn’t there to fix it.

Please share a LayOut file that exhibits this behavior so we can get to the bottom of it and get it sorted.

Please also complete your profile with the operating system and graphics card information.

Print preview is a feature of the Windows operating system. It is notoriously buggy and unreliable, especially with all graphical applications. Maybe it can be used with Word.

DaveR - I was able to update my profile, thanks. If you go to davidcolley April '17 you can see that issue is still around.

Anssi - Thanks, it may be Windows, if you work with MAC is it the same thing for only dashed lines?

I stopped using Macs when OS X was first released and made my Macs obsolete so I know nothing about current Macs.