Fast way to make extrude-able faceframes for cabinetry?

Here is something I have to draw a lot: reproduction cabinet faceframes…

I created this one using lines and Move/ copy…

I then used a combination of Weld commands and Paste-in-place, just to make extrude-able…

What are ya’ll’s favorite way to design something like this, so that it can be quickly extruded?


On something like this I’d use a left to right bounding box and the move tool. That way your stiles will stay the same width.

When I need to create face frames they need to be the individual parts so there’s useful information for cut lists and plans so I create the parts as they would be made in the shop.

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Although DaveR is correct, for what you were asking for would work like this.

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Box, how you can simplify things blows me away! Love it.

I’m still struggling to work out how you would use weld or paste in place.

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Wow thanks!
I suppose if I got into the habit of using the Tape Measure tool to create construction lines, those rectangles would have more obvious…
Quick question: on my faceframe the bottom rail is narrower than the rest (1.125" vs 2")
Is there a easy way to change this without corrupting all the other dims?

I drew these as individual lines.
I often use Weld to “heal” individual lines into closed polygons…
After this step, often no closed boundary (surface) is detected by SU.
My solution is to put them paste them in place on top of a new rectangle…
Yed this method is hit or miss one and one I should probably abandon…

Just move it .875

Thanks again that worked!

Coming from an AutoCad (and misc CAD)
background, I am still not always able to predict how operations like this “Stretch” operation will work in SU…

I know this is, of course, of undisciplined object grouping or clicking down too many/ too few levels…

Thanks again.