"Failed to Render"

I have tried uploading this model to the 3D Warehouse many times, and it always gives me the message that it “failed to render”. Any help would be appreciated.

I have purged the model, run Cleanup3, etc. Still no dice.

Could someone else try this and let me know if it’s just on my end?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve uploaded it. A complex file like yours could take some time to render. We’ll see what we see, though.

The thumbnail shows but it says it’s still sprinkling magic dust.
Screenshot - 1_4_2022 , 12_45_51 PM

Thanks Dave, let me know how it goes on your end.

I just checked. It says it’s still sprinkling magic on yours. a 5 Mb file I uploaded after it took a little while to render but it has.

Well, unfortunately, it did finally fail to render. I don’t know if there’s a time limit that it’s hitting due to the complexity of the file or what. Clearly it’s not failing on all renders. I wonder if @psaal or one of the other wizards could chime in.

Bummer, but as I expected. I know this model is large and complex, so I’m assuming that’s part of the problem. Uploading these models to the warehouse is the most seamless way I have of sharing with clients.

I mainly want to know if there are any specific components or modeling practices that would cause this to happen.

Do you really want to share the .skp file with the client?

I didn’t dig through your model yet but I can imagine that there are some components that could stand to be put on a diet. This seems to be an issue for a lot of users. I’ll pry into your model and see what I can find.

The rocks in the model are fairly heavy as are the shower units in two of the bathrooms. For no more than they represent in the grand scheme of the model, the back unit seems excessive at nearly 3500 entities. Even though it’s not visible in the thumbnail view, that geometry needs to be processed.

I redrew that back unit using a default 12-sided arc and it comes in at 62 entities. I’d bet it would do the job just as well as the one in that unit.

There are other similar things in your model too. I’m also thinking beyond just getting a view to render in the 3D Warehouse, too. More in terms of general performance for you and your clients. There’s some maximum file size where the model becomes at least slow. Give consideration to where you invest in that file size. The other day I was looking at a model by someone else that, among other obese components has a more than 3.5 Mb table napkin component with more than 67,000 entities. By itself it’s a nice component. There are a dozen of them in a model that isn’t about table napkins, though.